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When I first realized I was spending waaaay too much time on Facebook, (I see you nodding your head in agreement). I thought to myself, how can I monetize this situation? You see, the reason I was spending so much time on the computer was simple. Little ones. Schedules, naps. When I joined Facebook, I had three kids, ages three and under. True story. Someone was always napping, or so it seemed. I needed to be home a majority of the time to keep them on schedule. So, my only "me" time each day,  was online. Nothing wrong with that, but why not make this time profitable? So I left the Facebook community and started a blog. Fell in love. I figured, if other people can make money online, then why can't I? Well, I can, but what I learned primarily is what you put into it, is what you will get out. Basically, if you head into the blogging community thinking you will make a ton of money the first year, then, well unless you make it a full time 40 hour work week, you are wrong. But if you treat it as a hobby that you can take up when you have a little break, then slowly but surely you can grow it into a successful online marketing business.

People often ask me, how do you make money with a blog? Answer is, I don't make a whole lot, yet. My kids are getting older and with homeschooling and the demands of life, I can't put into it what I need to in order to make much cash. I do make a little though. Enough for a nice date night or girl's night out on occasion. Enough to buy a surprise gift for the kids off Amazon once in a while! Another perk of being a blogger is providing companies with product reviews. I receive a product, at no charge, in exchange for an honest review! Some people say, "wow, you get all that for free?!" My answer is no. It didn't cost me cash, but it does cost me my time. It's an exchange, a barter for my services. If you are considering starting up a blog, I say go for it. Take it seriously. Treat it as a small business. It's a hobby that can pay off and is enjoyable as well!

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