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Thrift Schooling

Why not? We had a few days this past month where we were snowed in. The kids are outside enjoying the snow. It never snows here. They were in heaven. So I sat down and wrote. I mean, I invest time in my blog posts, why not try my hand at a little book. It's not a novel or anything but it is a useful tool for any homeschool parent out there thinking about teaching their child preschool! So many parents get nervous about teaching this age, but really, it's not that bad! Actually it can be quite fun and memorable for both the child and the parent! 

I'm trying to make my hobbies more practical. Which is why I left Facebook over a year ago. Instead of spending my time online looking at pictures of friends I can spend my time creating images for reviews or work on a blog post that can encourage or inspire another homeschooler! Since I have left Facebook I have received thousands of dollars worth of products and services in exchange for my work. Seriously. Is that cool or what? Also, I am currently expecting a years supply of laundry detergent in the mail and this week I'm taking my kids to the Lego KidsFest! All of this in exchange for my online writing. I consider myself blessed because even though as a homeschooler I don't have time for a "job" so to speak, I can still "work" during my down time and recieve rewards that benefit me and my family!

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