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Sometimes it's best to power down the laptop and simply spend time with the family. Listed here are three fun ways we've been trying to spend time together recently other than the typical "family movie" that we started gravitating towards.

1) Music: Get out the musical instruments. Whether you know how to play them or not! Kids love to make noise and skill usually isn't a factor for them. Just let loose and have fun. Pick up that guitar that has been hiding in the corner all these years or wipe the dust off of the piano and have some good old fashioned fun!

2) Board Games: The challenge with board games is, when you have young children you have to be right there vigilant and watching at all times. But the catch is, that's why kids usually thrive off of board games, because you ARE there with them. They love the attention, interaction and instruction! We love board games in our house because you don't see one child sitting at a computer screen separated from the rest of the family. Rather, they are involved and spending time with the other members of the family!

3) Kitchen Fun: Cook, bake, and create! Sometimes it is so easy to push the children aside when in the kitchen but so many memories can be made here! Don't be afraid of another mess, it is worth it when the time is spent with your family! 

For birthdays we used to tell the kids they could pick which restaurant they wanted to go to that evening. After a couple years of doing that, it just seemed to be too much. It also didn't seem special anymore, because they simply expected it. This past year we changed things up and they can pick any homemade meal for their birthday. Let me tell you, this is definitely going to become a new favorite tradition! They love creating the menu from the meal dish to the drink and dessert. We've made homemade chicken fingers, fries, and tasty cakes. It seems more special when the whole family has a hand in it!

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