Mom, What's For Dinner?

Thrift Schooling

Help! We've been homeschooling on and off all day. The little ones need a bath.  My house needs to be roughly picked up. And... it's almost dinner time, what do I do? Whether you have a meal pre-planned or not, this time a day can be quite stressful when a child pulls on you asking, "Mom, what's for dinner?" So many thoughts are swirling through your head, sometimes you just want to tune them out and focus, think about what needs to be done, in what order and for how long.

Finally, I got over myself  and realized I was fighting a never ending battle. I stopped shoving the kids OUT of the kitchen during this stressful time and actually invited them IN. This made a world of difference. Even if I'm tired and worn out and do not feel like preparing another meal, if a child asks to help, I generally let them. Whether it's simply sitting on the counter watching water and waiting to tell me when it's boiling, or if they are chopping up veggies it's amazing how eager my kids can be to help with dinner. They enjoy being with Mom and being a part of what is going on. 

Simple Ways Your Child Can Help With Dinner

Assemble Pre-Cooked Ingredients into a Casserole
Pour In Liquids From A Measuring Cup
Mix or Stir Batter
Bring Flatware over to the Table
Add Toppings to A Pizza
Oil a Pan

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