101 Bible Stories From Creation to Revelation {Review}

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101 Bible Stories From Creation To Revelation provides short one page summaries of classic Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. Each passage is written in story form with quotations taken from the NIV translation. This 217 page hardback is perfect for your independent reader! Each story is one page long (except for Esther which is a bit longer), and includes a full page color image accompanying the passage.

The passages are written both in a way that is easy to read and easy to understand. It is certainly perfect for my second grader because the passages aren't too long. The wording is captivating and engaging for his age.

Jesus looked up and saw a rich man proudly place money into the temple treasury. Then a poor widow quietly dropped two small coins into the box. "The truth is that poor widow gave more than all the others. The others gave out of many riches, but she gave all the money she has in the world.

Obviously these stories are not a word for word translation, but they are written in a simple fashion for young readers. 

When looking at the stories there are certainly some added opinions such as "back then the earth was a lonely place," and "it was as if all of God's sorrow was pouring down in raindrop tears." Although, you'll find that in any children's Bible storybook. The key factor I look for in children's Bible storybooks is to be sure there are no blatant Biblical contradictions and from what I've read in this book, nothing stood out to me. Crazy as it may seem, many, many children's books are filled to the brim with contradictions! Some of the  stories I pay close attention to are usually Noah, David and Jonah.

Some books will say that Noah closed the door on the ark, not God. Oftentimes books will claim that the stone killed  Goliath when in reality it knocked him down and David used the sword to kill him. And then comes the classic "Jonah and the Big Fish." The Bible says big fish, as this book points out but most children's books depict a whale. The cover of this book says it all, really. How many times do you actually see a drawing of Jonah swallowed by a fish rather  than a whale? Love it.

Disclaimer: I received this book as a part of the Book Look Blogger program. All opinions stated here are my own.

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