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So... any big plans for the weekend? We have rain in our forecast so nothing terribly exciting planned on our end. I came up with a pile of suggestions for Father's Day this year that I thought Dad would enjoy, but he wasn't really into any of them. All he wants for Father's Day is a pie. I can do pie. And a good one at that, so this should be easy. Of course, the typical heart felt finger painted cards are currently hiding in the basement waiting for the big reveal first thing Sunday morning! (but shhh, don't tell)!

As with any holiday, there are times we can actually forget who we are shopping for when getting gifts. Seriously. Sometimes we think so hard about what we might like rather than what the person on the receiving end is really into. It's easy to say to our kids, "it's not about the presents," but what attitude do we ourselves have? Are we prideful in a gift we created for someone or purchased, or are we genuinely looking at others needs and wants? Especially throughout Father's Day weekend it's important to remember to honor the Father in the home and try and meet his needs rather than our own. 

With that said, I hope you have an amazing weekend blessing the one you love!
 Happy Father's Day!

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