Weird and Wonderful Creations {Review}

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Here is a book that I can confidently stand behind, Weird and Wonderful Creations. This is a science book for kids that has the Creator showcased throughout!

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time then you know that I am an avid creationist and strive to find quality resources for our homeschool that support this way of thinking! 

This can be quite a challenge as a "thrifty" mom because I am often drawn to used book sales. Usually if I am able to find any science goodies at these sales, for the most part they are evolution based. They may not scream evolution, but even the smallest hint of evolution based thinking often causes me to dismiss the book altogether.

With that said, I am willing to go out of my way and purchase quality creation based science materials that I can feel confident having my children read! This book is written at a second grade reading level which has been perfect for my first grader! From the moment this book arrived in the mail he has been thumbing through the exciting pictures asking me what each thing is! 

From Venus fly traps to the Giant Sequoias this little first grader has gained a wealth of knowledge in a short time! Some of the pages are even easy enough for him to read himself while others are challenging enough for him to keep on keeping on! Each new fact that I've read to him has captivated his attention. There are plenty of pictures and over 200 fun facts about different plants, insects, snakes and sea creatures! 

I highly recommend this book for homeschool parents and parents of children who simply love the outdoors and nature! A great gift or a great resource book! It also works well as a reader for beginning readers.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Book Look from providing this book for the purpose of this review! All opinions stated are my own.

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