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No matter how much I plan ahead in my homeschooling, whenever I come to Thanksgiving and Christmas time I tend to put everything on hold and focus on the meaning behind the season at hand! I have heard of many parents who completely take these two months off from their usual curriculum and just spend it teaching on Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

This year, I don't plan on completely taking a break from everything but, during these months I do want to slow down a bit and hold off on our current history lessons. I already have cute Christmas activities planned for December leading up to Christmas that will be a spin-off of what I did last year, but for Thanksgiving I look forward to trying the Golden Prairie Press Countdown to Thanksgiving

Earlier this year I reviewed their Heroes and Heroines of the Past. I was impressed with how much my children retained from these lessons! A few weeks ago, a visiting Pastor was sharing in church and mentioned the Green Mountain Boys. My two boys ears perked up and the listened attentively! On the car ride home they talked about what they remembered from our lesson on the Green Mountain Boys a few months earlier. I was impressed with how much they remembered! The lessons through Golden Prairie Press are entertaining and interactive and allow your children to use their senses, helping them to retain more. 

I look forward to using the Countdown to Thanksgiving this month to help history come alive! Recently, in our society, Thanksgiving has been pushed to the side. As soon as the Halloween decorations are taken down, the Christmas decor is pushed, full force. Last year I tried to find Candy Corn right before Thanksgiving and my grocery store didn't even have a fall display set up, it was all Christmas! I'm excited to slow down and take the 14 Days leading up to Thanksgiving and spend it focusing on an important foundational aspect of our history. These lessons include stories, songs, recipes and games all related to Thanksgiving in America throughout the ages. There is also a quiz for those of us who like to see where are kids are in the books! 

Countdown to Thanksgiving provides lessons and activities for the whole family to be used the 14 leading up to Thanksgiving. This year, beginning on NOVEMBER 13th (this Thursday).

Join me as we journey back in time for 14 days through story, song, cooking and more!

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 I received the 88 page e-book version. There is a printed version available also.

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Disclaimer: I receive the above e-book in exchange for this review. All opinions stated here are my own.

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