Saturday, November 29, 2014

Custom Wrapping Paper {Review and Giveaway}


Why can't your package be as exciting as the gift itself? Customize your wrapping paper this holiday season to showcase your gift wrapping skills! Make a collage of the children for the grandparents or, make a roll of the family pets for the kids! Engaged? New baby? Showcase your favorite pics, all on the wrapping paper!

 Kids and adults alike will be wowed by your creative Collage made easily at! They have an extremely easy website that allows you to drag and drop photos from your computer. You can search for images online or transfer from your Facebook or Instagram account.


I've created plenty of photo books in my day. The days of scrapbooking are over, at least for me! I know some people enjoy the hands on element of physical scrapbooking, but not me, I like the digital stuff! Actually, in the same manner that physical scrapbooking may be relaxing for some people, getting online and creating a Collage or images and pictures is relaxing for me. 

Needless to say, I was excited when I saw that I could now create a Collage as unique as wrapping paper! How fun is that? I immediately got online and tried to figure out which angle I was going to take with this. Did I want to create something my kids would enjoy and use it to wrap their gifts? Did I want to make a Collage of the grandkids for the grandparents to enjoy? Or did I want to showcase our family's memories throughout the year and just use it to wrap my immediate family's gifts? 

I chose to go use it for the grandparents! What grandparent wouldn't be surprised to see their grandkids faces smiling back at them under the tree?

The way it works is, you make a Collage and it repeats itself over and over again. You can use a few large images, several medium sized images or many, many smaller images. I varied the sizes of the images and made four different rows. The first row had all the kids and then each row following showcased a different child! 

After submitting the final work online, I received it shortly afterward in a a thick tube. It was packaged very well and didn't bend or cause any problems with the wrapping paper!

The paper is of a quality thickness, I'm not worried about it tearing or ripping like cheap wrapping paper you can buy at your local dollar store. And, most importantly, the images turned out great!

Create your own custom wrapping paper at! 
If are a first time customer, receive 
your first order!

Thanks to you can win a 6ft roll of custom wrapping paper just in time for Christmas!
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Disclaimer: Many thanks to for providing Thrift Schooling with the above product for the purpose of this review. A big thank you as well for providing a Thrift Schooling reader with the same prize! All opinions stated in this post are my own.


Unknown said...

I would love to win the wrapping paper from Collage dot com because I have a special baby's birthday coming up and would love to have special paper.

Jennifer said...

I want to win so I can have the coolest wrapping paper. Haha I love to be different, and this definitely would make me stand out.

Wendy ArtsyChaos said...

My kids would get a total kick out of custom paper with pics of our doggies!

kathy dalton said...

id love the custom wrapping paper