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Blow your kids away this Christmas with a kit to create their own speaker amplifier. This amazing gift is one that your child can create themselves and then use to listen to their own music!

EEME kits are an awesome idea if you are shopping for a child in the 7-12 age range. Project Amp is geared specifically towards kids 10 and older but there are plenty of other kits available if your child is a bit younger.

If you want to get your child something that they can enjoy creating and enjoy using then Project Amp is the perfect gift. 


This project teaches how amplifiers work, how sound waves work, direct current versus alternating current, capacitors as sound filters and more. The final project is 12.5" x 6.5" x 6.5" and has two 4" speaker drivers. These speakers are no wimpy creation but meant to be loud! When you order Project Amp, you will receive the kit in the mail and have access to the lessons online that will guide you through the project. This project should take about 4-6 hours to complete. Forget about the toy that your child gets bored with in five minutes, this is so much more meaningful. It teaches, engages and creates a sense of accomplishment in your child's life. Now your child will have something to do over Christmas break!

My kids have tried two EEME kits so far and we are about to get started on our third. We went through the first two projects together as a family. We watched the online lessons and learned, together, how to create the projects. Now, my one son (under the age of ten) asks to do the projects during his free time! These kits are great for children who like to create and don't mind a challenge.

Project Amp is a part of Thrift Schooling's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

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