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The New King James Version Study Bible For Kids by Thomas Nelson Publishing, is a sturdy, hardback, solid, Bible.

Geared towards children 8 to 12, this Bible is in full-color. In addition to the complete Old and New Testament, it includes marginal notes including biblical facts and themes that are applicable to a child's daily life.

The full color interior includes these features: 

Behind the Scenes: Book Introductions for each Book of the Bible 
Spotlight: Gods story from Genesis to Revelation 
Epic Ideas: Topics that relate to a kid's world  
Action!: Helpful, interesting, and day-to-day life topics 
Starring Roles: Personality profiles of leading Bible characters 
In Focus: Highlighted words with easy to understand definitions Location: Maps and Charts Topical Index, Dictionary/Concordance

The reason I chose this particular Bible was for my second grade son to use. His primary use is to bring it to church and follow along when the pastor is quoting scriptures. I look forward to the day that he can sit and read the Bible, on his own. Right now he can read children's story Bibles that are geared towards his age and he does a great job. I still wanted him to have a full sized, real Bible that he can follow along in, I really believe he will be reading it on his own soon enough! 

Unfortunately, the full sized Bible I gave him last year for Christmas fell apart in less than nine months! He was pretty disappointed. We used it daily in our homeschool and he weekly brought it to church, but honestly I expected it to last much longer than that! So a new Bible was in order. This particular Bible, as mentioned before, is geared towards kids. It replaced his old one and he loves the colors and themes. He was pretty disappointed though that it didn't have Jesus' words in red like the adult Bibles that we have. 

He enjoys thumbing through it and likes to try reading what he can! The theme of this Bible likens the word of God to a movie which I can see being captivating for younger children but in my opinion it seems slightly disrespectful to the Lord and his word. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to the Book Look Blogging Program for providing me with a copy of this Bible for the purpose of this review. 

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