Build An Alarm Kit {Review}

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 Looking to bring an electronics course to your homeschool? EEME Electronics is an easy to navigate, online course that sends the materials right to your front door. No prior experience needed!

Science is a big deal in our house. Give my kids Legos and they'll come back with a hand-powered lemonade mixer. Send them outside and they will come back with some unidentified bug or plant that they want to search for on the internet.

Their minds are inquisitive and they love working with their hands, which is why they love EEME! EMME is an online curriculum for children ages 7-12 that teaches them the basics of electronics. We have been going through their six project set and have now completed the third one called tentacles.

In this lesson, the children learned about NPN transistors and PNP transistors and buzzers, all while building an alarm system. This project took about an hour and a half to complete.  

This project includes 33, short, online videos. Each video shares a step in completing the final project, an alarm. Only a few minutes long, these videos are jammed packed with new information for the kids about breadboards, transistors and how all the pieces fit together to make a working alarm. 

These kits are geared for children ages 7-12 but my six year old was still able to jump right in and get some electronics experience. My older two boys are beginning to be pros at these kits. By the time kit number three arrived they already had a small knowledge base and knew a little about what to expect. We do these kits as a family, my husband navigates the online part of it to make sure the kids aren't rushing through. We want them to take the time to answer the questions and not skip over them. When it comes to the actual hands-on part of the program though, my kids have been growing in their skills. I love how each project expounds on what they have already learned previously. 

Sometimes I think that the lessons will be way over their heads but they seem to catch on pretty fast. These lessons definitely use the immersion style of teaching. It provides a large amount of information and the child soaks up what they can. This style of learning works well for my kids. It's better than dumbing things down, thinking that they are too young to understand. 

These kits are perfect for homeschooling and would work well in a small, private school setting also! 

Visit EEME for more info and pricing!

 Disclaimer: I received the above product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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