Lethl-ace Universal Concealed Carry Holster {Review}

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When looking for holsters, my husband and I wanted something versatile. As a homeschooling mom, my wardrobe is all over the place. Some days it's just jeans and a tee shirt, in this case I would want a waist holster. While we are actually "doing school", I like to be a bit more comfortable in a maxi skirt or dress. In this case I would choose a thigh or ankle holster. I also wear dresses at times so a bra or under the arm holster might be more practical. Basically, it came down to making this one decision- was I going to completely revamp my wardrobe to fit one holster style or was I going to get a holster that I could wear on any given day, regardless of my outfit. The answer?

 Lethal-lace provides two types of holsters, a one-size-fits-all women's lace holster available in a variety of colors and a men's non-lace holster. I'll share my experience with the women's holster first. 

Am I printing? That is the most important question. When you look at the picture above can you see where I am carrying my weapon? Okay, I'll tell you. When that particular picture was taken, I am carrying on the left (my right,) on my thigh. I was impressed with how well this holster actually does conceal my weapon. 

The holster itself is beautiful. I have the nude color but it also comes in blue, pink and black. Putting it on is basically the same concept as a baby wrap. With my son, I sometimes carry him in a wrap which is basically a long piece of fabric that I wrap around my body and to keep my baby snug. He has never fallen out and I have had no issues. It's the same with this holster. You first place your weapon in the provided pocket and then tightly wrap around your body in the location that you want it. There are clips on each end to help keep it in place. As with the baby wrap, I have not had any problems. As long as I apply my holster tightly, it will not slide down or come loose. 

I appreciate the extra padding in the pocket that goes between your weapon and your body. It makes the whole experience a little more pleasant. Overall I am highly impressed and pleased with this option for women. Below is a picture of what the holster looks like on, over my clothes for demonstration purposes only. 

My husband was looking forward to trying out this holster, (obviously the no-lace version of it!) Overall, he likes the versatility of this holster. He still prefers his normal, everyday holster that he uses but he likes to have this one on hand for those times when he needs to carry in a different location. He likes the fact that this holster keeps his gun cleaner than other holsters when working in a dusty environment. 

He doesn't have to worry about cleaning his weapon out every night when using this holster. Unfortunately, It doesn't seem to work for him well when he has to be moving around often because, for him, it tends to shift. Even so, it's a good holster to have around! 

If you are looking for a universal holster and you want to do it in style, then order your Lethal-ace Holster today. And, go ahead and get a men's version for your husband while you are at it!


Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Lethal-ace. All thoughts expressed here are my own. 

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