5 Minute Friday- 3/9/18

Thrift Schooling
*I've heard of bloggers doing a Five-Minute post. They set their timer for five minutes, and write. They don't stop, they just write until the time is up. This is my attempt at such a post!*

Some people ask me, "how do you do it all?" Sometimes I want to ask them the same thing! There are many different choices about how we manage our lives in relation to our childrens and they are all valid options.

1- Stay at Home Mom: This is both easy and not easy all in the same. For one, I am home. So if my kids are sick or if the roads are too terrible to travel, I am already home. Some people might not choose this option because even though the work load pretty much equals out to about the same, the pay is significantly different.

2- Work at Home Mom: Not everyone can afford, or think they can afford to live on one income. Depending on your expenses, this might be the only option for some. The benefit to this is you will have an extra source of income for your family. The difficulties lie in trying to balance both the responsibilies of work and everyday home responsibilities.

3- Work Outside of the Home Mom: Again, this may be the only option for some. This obviously provides extra income but there are certain challenges such as when a child is sick or has a snowday at school.

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