Thrift Schooling
*I've heard of bloggers doing a Five-Minute post. They set their timer for five minutes, and write. They don't stop, they don't edit, they just write until the time is up. This is my attempt at such a post!*

I was still in my PJ's. I mean it was only 10am in the morning on a Monday morning. Our power had been out for several days, three and half to be exact. I heard someone knocking at the door. Who in the world? Once I peeked out, I knew. No, it wasn't two men with neatly pressed white shirts and black nametags beginning with "elder." Rather, it was a neatly dressed lady, none other than a Jehovah's witness. Awesome. I opened the door and let her begin her speech. Quickly I began asking her about Jesus. Knowing that they do not believe that Jesus is God but just one of many gods, I quickly began asking her about this. Quoting scripture about Jesus and asking her personally why she follows the JW religion. I talked, she talked. I asked, she answered. Once she left I noticed that all my kids had been listening in on the conversation. We went in the other room and I asked, "okay, what did you hear her say that was amis?" First things my son said was, "she said there were 12 plagues in Egypt- there were only 10. I wanted to ask her to name the 12 plagues!"

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