3 Downsizing Tips for the Busy Mom

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My husband had three rich great-aunts growing up. None of them ever married. When they all passed on, his Mom inherited their belongings. All of them. From pottery kilns to antique furniture to boxes and boxes of costume jewelry. My husband and his brothers have fond memories digging through the books (did I mention one of them was a librarian?), old paintings, and my personal favorite, old letters and diaries. These diaries were nothing like a diary today, or more appropriately a blog or social media account. Written in the early 1920s, these women shared their daily routines which included ironing bedsheets and curtains. I have a hard enough time making sure all of the beds in my house are made on a daily basis much less time to even think about ironing the linens. Hats off to them!

The problem that was handed to my husband's mom was that when they downsized from their mansion into a smaller home, they did not downsize their belongings. Honestly, it could happen to anyone. Have you ever tried to clean your closet, basement, or attic? You go in excited to clear it out only to happen upon memorabilia that you can't stop reminiscing over. Or, instead of throwing certain items away, the thought goes through your head, "what if I need this in the future?"

Going into any sized cleaning project, you need a plan. Whether you simply want to downsize your homeschool library or you are planning to move in the coming months, be sure to check out these downsizing tips for the busy mom. 

1. Keep Only What You Use

Try to avoid the fear that you might need a particular item in the future. I know how hard this can be for us homeschool moms but it can be done. If you are prone to saving empty toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles for future projects, I have a solution. Dedicate a bin or closet shelf for said items. When the bin or shelf is full, stop collecting. Simply be creative with what you have, when you have it. When tackling your closet (or kids’ closets) be quick to donate clothes that no longer fit and trash ones with stains or excessive holes in them. 

2. Rotate Seasonal Bins

This trick has worked wonders in our home. I keep a dresser in my entryway that looks adorable with its seasonal decor. Nobody has to know what I have hidden in the drawers. In the summer I keep umbrellas, swimsuits, lake gear, and sunscreen. When the weather begins to cool down, I pull out the summer bin, donate (or trash) what I won’t need for next year and place everything else in the bin. I pull out the fall bin and fill the drawers with gloves, scarves, and hats. I continue to rotate, clean, and keep the seasonal outdoor gear in an easy-to-access location. 

3. Ask for Help When You Need It

Let’s face it, some projects are simply too much to tackle alone. Taking on a large downsizing project can be overwhelming, especially when you have so much invested in your belongings. Sometimes we just need to get someone else to give us a hand. If you are taking the plunge and downsizing to a smaller home or would simply like to clear out some items, consider hiring a local auction company.

They know what they are doing. For my local readers, I highly recommend Cock & Bull Auction Company. Wherever you are though, you will be able to find an auction company to help you downsize, move, or deal with an unwanted estate. Downsizing does not have to be overwhelming and now that spring has sprung, many of us are eager to clean house. Are there any tips that you suggest? Leave them in the comments below!

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