Java Programming (A Timberdoodle Review)

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Do you have a child into coding? If so, check out the Java Programming course by CompuScholar which is part of the 11th Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit. I originally had my eleventh grader start using this program but he quickly realized that coding was not for him. I then remembered that my daughter, even though she is only in middle school, loved a previous coding product that I reviewed and thought that she should probably give this program a go. She has started using it and loves it. It shocks me that my older sons are not into coding. I even had a tutor come over last year who taught coding classes for my older three. My daughter fell in love with it and my boys didn't. So many jobs are available with this skill and since I know my boys want to work from home or run their own business I tried to push them in this direction. They politely declined but their younger sister has been thriving. 

This course is completely online and is self-paced. Each lesson has a video, text, and quiz. The quizzes are self-grading and provides a detailed report for both the student and the parent to easily access. Once completed, you will see the calculated weight of each quiz, the grade, range and percentage. 

The lessons are divided into chapters and take around 15–20 minutes for my daughter to complete. I love how everything is on the computer. No notebooks to take care of, no quizzes to grade, and since I don't understand Java, I am thankful that the lessons are in video format so my daughter can rewatch a lesson if needed.

The videos are easy to understand, not too long, and perfect for the beginner. If you have a child with even the slightest interest in coding, this will help them to grow in knowledge and understanding in a gradual and effective way. 

I am impressed with the simplicity of the format of this course and the quality of the content provided. Even though there are some concepts over my middle schooler's head, she is able to work through the course and learn and grow.   

I highly recommend this course for the budding coding genius in your home!

Disclaimer: I received the above product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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