Must-Haves for Homeschool Teens (A Timberdoodle Review)

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Are you homeschooling teens this year? If so, having games, activities, and extra materials on hand to keep them busy is integral. As your teen becomes more independent, it is important to direct him/her to productive hobbies. My son loves hands-on activities which is why I do everything I can to ensure I have games and activities on hand that he can turn to while I am teaching his younger siblings. 

Gameschooling is not a new concept. Homeschooling parents have used games to teach for years. Now gameschooling is the new trend, and rightly so. In a world filled with electronics and virtual reality, parents are forced to be intentional about making sure their children, even teens, are connected with reality on a daily basis. Kulami is an excellent strategy game to keep on your bookshelf and schedule into your teen's homeschool day. Part of the Timberdoodle Ninth Grade Curriculum Kit, Kulami is the perfect mix of strategy and fun. This two player game includes black and red pieces and a movable board. 

My two oldest teens love strategizing as they try to fill each wooden piece with their color marbles.  

Unique and different than any game that I have seen thus far, this quick and easy game provides teens with a sense of accomplishment as they work through this hands-on activity. Rather than playing online with friends, they are able to enjoy each others company, in real life, strengthening their relationship. Board games are more than just a time filler, but an important investment for any homeschooling family. This past Christmas vacation, I carved out a three-hour chunk one day simply to play board games with my kids. We laughed, we teased, and we had a wonderful time enjoying one another's company. Not only is it helpful to strengthen sibling relationships, but parent-child relationships as well. 

Another must-have for homeschool teens is Timberdoodle's Chinese Brush Painting kit. Chinese brush painting is nothing new in our home, as my little artists have been drawn to it for a quite a while, but this kit takes this method of painting to a whole new level.

Complete with a stone to prep your ink, ink, paint, and a brush, this set has it all. Additionally, it includes a detailed instruction book to help you learn how to make beautiful creations. My son prefers black and white, but many different colors of paints are included to make your paintings pop!

Also included is a notepad, complete with outlines of more difficult subjects that your child will be drawing. I love the variety found within the pages of the book, and the kit has more than enough for this to last an entire semester. My son enjoys working with the kit, creating some of the suggested drawings as well as creating some of his own. 

If you have a budding artist ready to branch out into a new method of painting, you need to order this kit today to begin implementing it into your homeschool routine. 

Be sure to check out all of the incredible games and activities for teens over at Timberdoodle today!

Disclaimer: I received the above products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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