Battle Sheep Game (A Timberdoodle Review)

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Game on, Thrift Schooling friends! We are big game people in this household. As I write this, three of my five children are deep into a board game that will most likely last for hours. How does this happen? How can we encourage our teens to choose playing a good old fashioned board game over scrolling the Internet in their spare time? Two things. First, introduce them to board games when they are young. My kids have a huge shelf of games that they can choose from. When young it can be a struggle or fight because we are dealing with character issues that have nothing to do with the game itself (sharing, taking turns, not being a sore loser, etc.), but as they grew, so did their desire for spending time with one another—and games are a great way to make that happen. 

Second, introduce them to easy games at first that keep their attention. The Battle Sheep board game is a perfect example of this. Kids are able to learn to play quickly, the rules are simple, and it is absolutely a blast to play! 

 My third grader loves to play this game for several reasons. 

1- The Sheep Are Entertaining: Up to four players can have a different color sheep set and these sheep have personality! The different expressions on their faces are priceless and make playing the game fun and enjoyable. 

2- The Game Set-Up Is Similar to His Older Siblings Games His teen siblings have games where they "create" the board differently each time they play. My third grader loves that Battle Sheep boasts the same concept. In Battle Sheep, each player receives four board pieces and as you set it up, you can be creative, having a new design each time you play. 

3- It's Strategic Games of chance are fun but my third grader has a "math brain" so he loves to be challenged. This game gives players the opportunity to "plan ahead" and make strategic moves so this one is a win-win. 

Games are a big deal in our homeschool and we are delighted to have added this to our collection! Battle Sheep is sold by Timberdoodle and is worth every penny! Order Battle Sheep today

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Timberdoodle for providing the above product in exchange for an honest review. 

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