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Do homeschoolers need assessments? That is a tricky question. Laws vary from state to state as for what is required when it comes to end of the year testing but what about the day in and day out regiments of homeschooling? When I first began homeschooling I had to shed the public school mindsets that were so deeply engrained into my ways of thinking. Tests on Fridays. New topic presented on Mondays. No questions asked. I was sure to order test booklets for every subject and some included quizzes. At first this seem to work well. My first son was doing amazing with his science, math, and spelling tests without a problem. He was motivated and determined. The problem began when I realized that all we were doing was studying for tests—not life. Sure, he could remember random facts and statements but he was unable to figure out how to use this knowledge in practical ways. Slowly over the years I realized how tests are not needed in every single subject. Now that my oldest is graduating in a month, the only test he takes is for math. The rest of his assessments are in the form of writing. Sound familiar? If you went to college then this is an all familiar pattern. For many disciplines papers are used to assess what a student learns more so than a multiple choice test. This is the direction I am beginning to take with my children and it has been proven to be effective. 

You might be asking about standardized testing. Well, many colleges are now test optional. This means that the concern that many homeschooling parents had in the past about their students not being prepared for the SATS or ACTS are a thing of the past. 

That said, there are certain years that I will buckle down and do official assessments. In my state, I do not need to submit annual testing but occasionally I am interested in knowing where my kids stand academically. For the most part, I am able to gauge what they need since I am only homeschooling five, not a classroom of 20+. In that case, I am able to assess their needs without needing an actual test. Yet a few times throughout their homeschooling years, I will do an end of the year test. Seton is a great option. What do you do in your homeschool?

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