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 I have four boys and a hands-on girl. Experiments have been key in our homeschool science. When I first started homeschooling, Abeka science just did not cut it. Long, drawn-out text. Quizzes. Tests. It was super boring. We got through kindergarten and first grade without a hitch, but what did my son actually learn? He memorized facts for a test, but that was about it. 

Then, we tried Apologia—what a game changer! Not only is the text engaging, but the workbooks are “lapbook style.” Then the experiments. To be honest, they pull out all of the stops. They get the children hooked on science, at least mine were, so much so that they wanted to go beyond the textbook. 

Once your children begin to express an interest in experiments, it is integral to provide them with all of the opportunities possible to keep on learning. One of my sons, took it upon himself to learn how to make his own dyes from plants on our homestead. Another one created a rock tumbler and created also learned how to make incredible crystals. Both won first place in a science fair held at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. 

When my other kids came along, I tried Supercharged Science with them when they were in first and third grade. So perfect. Filled with experiments and hands-on learning taught by an actual rocket scientist, it was worth every penny.

Maybe my kids are into science experiments a little too much. My teen boys actually have a business where they sell lab glass to science labs across the US—even Hawaii and Alaska. I guess you never know what your children will get into! My theory from the beginning was to expose them to everything—the arts, music, science, reading, etc. and let them explore what interests them. Though science isn't their only passion, it ranks right up there at the top! 

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  1. My youngest two (one much older, out of the house by then) loved lap-books. We did a lot of them for history and science. Our biggest project with them was based on Finding Nemo, which was in theaters then. We went a second time so I could take notes on things! We liked TOPS Learning Systems.

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