Blogging from A to Z Challenge—LETTER H

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Housework. How do we get it all done while homeschooling? To be honest, we don't get it all done—and that's okay. Cleanliness and order is important and will eventually get done but super organized, pristine clean homes can be put on the backburner. Rather than focusing on how to get all of the housework done as a homeschooler, I want to encourage you that it will get done. Sometimes it is easy to look around and get stressed out at everything that needs to happen, especially with little kids underfoot, but, in reality, the tasks will not take as long as you think. When the rubber meets the road, it will happen. To help ease your mind, here is a list of 12 things that I would do even with dirty dishes in the sink since the years with our kids are so short (though at times, the days feel long).

1. Snuggle on the couch with Little House on the Prairie.  

2. A hike in the woods. 

3. Fishing on the lake. 

4. Making brownies together and letting them lick the bowl.

5. Park days.

6. Water balloon fights.

7. Staying up late to lay on the trampoline and look at the stars.

8. Putting a puzzle together—together.

9. Making homemade play-doh. 

10. Movie and popcorn on a rainy afternoon.

11. Doing a puppet show together. 

12. Dancing the waltz in the living room.

As long as the house is sanitary and clean, the clutter can wait. Also, don't forget, the kids can be put to work to organize when the time is there. Have fun, while they are still little!

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