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If you love true stories, you’ll love  Something to Stand For, a collection of real-life tales of American Heroes, all narrated by Mike Rowe! The dynamic of this film is unique, presented in a similar style as Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story. That was a program my dad used to listen to. 

Now, it's a new generation and a new season but history remains the same. The problem is, how are we going to remember it? Are we going to swallow the public education agenda—allowing them to rewrite history to fit their agenda? Are we going to allow those with misguided ideals to tear down or deface statues and monuments across the nation because they don't like certain aspects of history? 

Rather than focusing on the perceived "bad," Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) takes his viewers on a creative journey of the past, recreating known events through lesser-known heroes, or lesser-known stories from well-known heroes. From a homeschooling perspective, think "living books" just as a movie. If you are of the living book homeschooling mindset (Charlotte Mason Style) you would rather hand your child a story about a general from the Revolutionary War rather than a textbook. Watching this film is like that. 

It isn't a documentary as much as it is living history—and extremely well-performed. The cast and crew did a wonderful job with the reenactments and Mike Rowe was incredible in sharing the story. How were those two elements intertwined? I'll leave that up to you to find out!

Several stories from the American Revolution, WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, and more were presented. The fun part was you do not always know where you are in history or with whom in the beginning. You have to figure it out. Just don't blurt it out (like I did once to my husband) when you do figure it out! I was only able to correctly guess two of them, but I loved the challenge!

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