Salad {For Breakfast}

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It's not every day that we serve up salad for breakfast in our house. But when I went to check out my garden in the cool of the morning, I couldn't resist! After several days of weather in the 90's, I just had to get outside before the sun began to reveal it's torturous beams of fire. When I headed to the garden, I was pleased to find some lettuce and cucumber ripe for the picking!

When everyone woke up, I was determined to keep them cool and hydrated. It seemed that the day before had caught us of guard and even though meager attempts were made to quench our thirst, the weather still had it's toll on everyone.

When I told my seven year old we were having salad that morning, he ran outside and found some dandelion greens to throw in last minute!

If your looking for a refreshing breakfast to stay cool on those scorching days, try some tasty green leaves topped with whatever is on hand! On this particular morning we simply had leaf lettuce, dandelion greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and of course our favorite vinaigrette! This was accompanied with simple watermelon slices and scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes and salt. That's it! Easy, refreshing and energizing!

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