Should I Send My Kids To Public School?

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There have have five bomb threats in our local public schools recently. FIVE! All at separate schools. Four in my county and one just a county over. 

All in a matter of three weeks. 

What gives?

One was the middle school that my son would be going to if we weren't homeschooling.

One was an elementary school just down the road.

And these were just threats. No *real* danger.

But still, fear instilled in the hearts of little kids. And parents. And teachers.

No child should have to experience those emotions, yet they did. All because some kids thought it would be funny. These certainly weren't the pranks that I remember happening at school as a kid. I remember students from the football team somehow getting their coach's keys and *hiding* his car on the football field. Maybe a kid's locker got TPed from time to time. But nothing like this. 

And then Florida happened.

Where the danger was real. Parents lost children. Students lost friends. The pain was real, the threat was not a joke.

So should we as parents hide in a bunker somewhere and hope it all just goes away? Do we shelter our kids and remove them from all forms of possible danger? Obviously that is impossible and I think most homeschooling parents would agree with me that we don't keep our kids out of the public school system because we are fearful but one of the key reasons, for me, is the evolutionary teachings. The teachings of the survival of the fittest. The very teachings that Hitler used to justify his actions. The very teachings the Columbine shooters adhered to. I don't have a problem with sending my kids into a dark world to be a light but I will not send my kids to sit under teachings that lead to these destructive behaviors. 

I have no greater joy than this, to hear about my children walking in truth, John 3:1-4

Below is a video that came to my mind this week about a father of a murdered Columbine student who shares his experience and thoughts. 

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